Saturday, December 31, 2011

ThE LaSt BuT NoT LeAst and A HaPPy NeW YeaR!!

Happy new year to all...semoga sentiasa success in good thing you do and apa azam tahun baru?? as myself oooo I still have a long azam yg masih tak tertunaikan..InsyaAllah..but this coming year I hope and pray everything yg haku hajatkan tuh akan tertunai..more baking project next year?? absolutely!! as the end of the day of 2011..Haku nak share kan fews my baking project yang tak sempat nak post.. :)

My very humble Marble Cheesecake..yg belum dideco..thank you Kak Rima for the recipe..siap dapat tempahan lagi!! :)

Marble Cheesecake yg dah kena deco!! For my nephew birthday!!

A birthday cake for a baeutiful young woman!! A triple chocolate cake!! resepi gubahan dan olahan sendiri..sangat yummy dan tinggi kalori!! eat with your own risk!

A farewell chocolate cake!! we always have a best year during the school time kan?

It been 6 year we're together now...another level this coming year perhaps??

My popcakes....adegan tension menghabiskan kek bantat!! sedap

This cake is really yum!!Dont judge a book by it cover..mmg haku tahu kek nih tak berapa nak jadi dr segi rupa paras dan deco nye..but i tell you kek nih mmg sedap..Thank you kak hanieliza for this super recipe and to kak Azlita for the sharing

I love this cake to the bit!! I cant keep myself from smiling at last I did it!!My very own Angry Bird cake...

Thank you all for your support..for my visitor, sifus..(owner blog masak2) thank you for your good sharing..and for my frens..thank you for always be there for me..and untuk yang tersayang..thank you for everything..AND..for my best fren...congratulation..take care..See you guys in 2012!!

~end of 2011~


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